The world desperately needs a common set of guiding principles that it can agree to and live by.  No human being, government, or organization, no matter how wise, rich, or powerful could possibly offer such a fundamentally sound and perfect document that all humanity would readily agree to.  Constitutions, treaties, and alliances have all proven woefully inadequate.  Until this point in time, mankind has muddled through, while enduring tremendous pain and sorrow.  The problems mankind now grapples with are so enormous, intractable, and complex that it is imperative we find common ground, so we can chart a new course.  If not, the future is indeed bleak.

Fortunately, a document exists that all mankind can agree to and live by, which has the power and wisdom to help us deal with and overcome the vexing problems we face.  This extraordinary document came to earth from the heavenly realm 3,500 years ago at Mt. Sinai.  God uttered the Ten Commandments and then inscribed them on two tablets of stone.  The Ten Commandments embody the most perfect methods to honor God and love our fellow man that have ever been devised.  They cannot be improved upon!

This website is dedicated to the prospect that mankind has entered a time of great trial and testing for which God has already given us the answers and solutions!  The Divine source of the Ten Commandments puts all mankind on equal footing.  By humbly admitting that God had the answers all along, we can embark on a new course towards real peace.  

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